Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enter Three Witches by Caroline Cooney

Enter Three Witches by Caroline Cooney

Review by Cindy Bohn

Lady Mary is a ward of the Macbeths. Yes, those Macbeths. The ones in the play. She is beautiful, rich, and sweet. She has a perfect life. Until her father is captured as a traitor to the king and executed. Her lands are given to Macbeth and she is expected to work in the kitchen. From idle rich to scullery maid in one day.

Lady Mary begins to notice some odd things happening in the castle. First she saw Macbeth speaking with some witches. Then she saw Lady Macbeth reading a letter, something quite out of the ordinary. And then the king himself comes to stay at their castle and his shockingly and cruelly murdered.

I really enjoyed this book for teens. I am a sucker for Shakespeare-based stories, and Macbeth is probably my favorite play. So when I saw this book, I had high hopes. Cooney does an excellent job portraying the customs and manners of the day. The new characters are woven nicely into the original story, and they become so real. Lady Macbeth is especially well done. I wasn't as perfectly pleased with Macbeth himself - I felt that his motivation and his character remained a little mysterious. But overall, I was swept away.

Enter Three Witches has some difficult themes-witchcraft, religion, loyalty, ambition. I would recommend it for any older teen or adult.


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