Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Blue Bottle Club by Penelope J. Stokes

Brendan Delaney, a local news reporter, makes a discovery that will turn her life upside-down. She feels tired of covering stories that are not important enough to remember. She wants to do something lasting, something that could change lives.

While on another routine project where an old home is being demolished, a construction worker hands her a dusty, old blue bottle. After some examination, Brendan discovers a paper inside containing the life dreams of four teenage girls from 1929 who wanted to be everything from a Hollywood star to a social worker. Brendan becomes absorbed in this story that could last and change lives but soon realizes the story will, above all, change her own life.

The Blue Bottle Club by Penelope J. Stokes is about dreams, failures, successes, and trusting God's will. I enjoyed this book with its mix of historical and present-day fiction. I enjoyed its meaningfulness.

Review by me, Emily.

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Anonymous said...

I loved this book!!! Another good one, is OCean Star by Christina Dimari, its a must read!!!

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