Friday, February 27, 2009

We're Moving

Deliciously Clean Reads is going to be moving to a new blogspot. Here's the deal.

I was talking to a very dear friend a couple weeks ago, and she said I wouldn't read my own blog, and I was like, Yeah. I wouldn't read mine either. And I gave her some advice that the best blogs post every day. Light bulb. I don't post every day. And another thing, it needs a voice...a personality. This blog doesn't have that either.

So, this is the plan. I know there are a few of you out there who appreciate this blog for its reviews of clean books. I have received many, many emails from people who are grateful for this resource. Those emails have kept me going.

BUT, I have 3 blogs. All three are suffering. So, I am starting a fourth blog. That'll help, right? :) I hope so. Blog 4 is going to be all the other blogs combined. I will post reviews of clean books as often as I receive them and, of course, when I read books I want to share (and I am transferring all past reviews there, too).

Blog 4, however, will not be ONLY reviews. It will be ME. Anything I feel like talking about, which will include motherhood, wifery, Christianity, crafting, learning, enjoying, living.

PS...the other reason for my absence the last couple weeks? I JUST had a baby, and DANG he is DELICIOUS.


Molly said...


Enjoy that bundle of joy -- and I look forward to blog #4 when you have to time to post.

Angie said...

Congratulations...that's wonderful news. Thanks for continuing your reviews and keeping past reviews. Combining it with your other blogs will only add to your reviews. Thanks again from our whole family.

Annie said...

A new baby! And a new blog! Whew! Your new blog idea is great. I really appreiciate the clean reads info for my kids.

All8 said...

Congratulations! A new baby is too delicious. Enjoy your time with him, they grow up too fast.

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