Monday, January 26, 2009

Sisters, Ink by Rebeca Seitz

Review by Mary Saltzmann

While looking for scrapbook books in my county library system I found the novel Sisters, Ink by Rebeca Seitz and, since it was also labeled as Christian, decided to check it out. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a quick read for me and very engaging. I knew I was enjoying it when I did not skip ahead to read due to boredom!
The story is about opening one’s heart to God and letting Him into our lives. It is about family ties. It is about love—of God, oneself, and others.

The main character is Tandy Sinclair. She is a very successful attorney in a big city who goes to her small hometown to visit her widowed father and three foster sisters. They are a very loving family and all share a faith in God and a passion for scrapbooking. Well, their father does not scrapbook, but he has kept his late wife’s attic turned scrapbook studio as it was before she died so his daughters can get together there to scrapbook and spend time together.
As the sisters scrapbook and spend time together they encourage, tease, and straightforwardly ask Tandy about her reasons for being in a big city instead of back home with them, and about her first love Clay. Clay has returned to Stars Hill after being in the military, a decision that caused he and Tandy to go their separate ways after high school. Of course, Tandy and Clay run into each other a few times. They rehash their past together and discuss why they are where they are today and their future plans.
Rebeca Seitz has written a very nice story about life unfolding, about being aware of the decisions we make and why we make them, and of the importance of God and family in one’s life.
I thought of this site when I was reading the book; I would call it a clean read. There is kissing, but no graphic details. The characters are mindful of modesty, of how their actions could affect others. One character does decide to wear a dress that is revealing in the back, yet the author treats the situation well. I enjoyed it and recommend it.


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