Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Review by Becky Laney, frequent contributor

Meggie is a young girl who loves to read. She's seriously obsessed. She even sleeps with books under her pillows. Her best friends are books. There's few things she loves more than a good book, a good story. Mo is Meggie's father. He loves books too. He mends them. He's a book doctor. But as much as he loves books, he knows they can be dangerous as well. He's hiding a secret. A big secret. One rainy night, the secret is forced out into the open. Meggie sees a man staring at the house, watching the house, waiting for something or someone. As soon as her father sees this man, you can begin to feel the danger, sense the adventure. Dustfinger. He has found them at last. Found them again. Dustfinger is one of those semi-likable semi-villains. Neither good, nor evil. Selfish, yet not heartless. He wants what he wants. But he doesn't necessarily want other people to suffer. He's full of longing and desire for something that is completely impossible. So he's hopelessly miserable. The secret? Well, Mo, her father, has another name. Silvertongue. Her father has a gift. Or a curse. Depending on your point of view. The 'gift' is something that he's ashamed of, something that he'd be rid of forever if he only knew how. A 'gift' that Capricorn and Basta--the villains--want to use for evil.

Inkheart is full of adventure, full of suspense, full of descriptions. It's exciting but long.


Aj said...
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Bohae said...

Inkheart was pretty good - the idea of the whole story is definitely unique : )

Carrie said...

This is an excellent book. I read and loved it for its uniqueness and creativity. Funke has a fun style that I appreciate. I did NOT, however, enjoy Inkspell and can only recommend that people avoid it. However, the nice thing about Inkheart is that it was written as a "stand alone" book. It was only later that Funke decided to make this into a triology. So you can read the first book and be tremendously happy as-is (which is a relief)!

Thanks for your review.

Framed said...

I liked both books. It was a unique concept, very creative and entertaining. I plan on reading the third also. Thanks for your review.

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