Tuesday, November 27, 2007

THE BOOK OF TIME by Guillaume Prevost

THE BOOK OF TIME by Guillaume Prevost

Review by Allana, regular contributor.

The Book of Time: By Guillaume Prevost is a book that from the fifth page, will suck you in. I read it in one day, and couldn't put it down. From the detailed descriptions of the scenery, to the characters vibrant personalities, this book has more than one reason to dive in. It is the first book of a series, so even when you finish, you'll have more to look forward to after you are done.
This is the story of Sam, a young boy who is sent on a journey of epic proportions. When Sam's father disappears, Sam, who usually lives with his grandparents, goes over to his father's house. But what he finds is more than he is willing to take on. A stone statue in a secret area in his father's basement. The secret of the statue is what sends Sam off on a journey of a lifetime. He learns that with the power of the statue, he can travel through time. With some help from his cousin Lilly, a nagging Aunt, and a few newspaper articles, Sam might just be able to take on his worst fear; A bully named Monk. Whether or not Sam succeeds is for you to find out.
This book is full of suprises, and with throw you for many loops. I loved The Book of Time and I hope you do too!

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Stefan-Romania said...

This is am extraordinary book...is fabulous ....i love it...

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